Wednesday, September 28, 2016

All the Feels

Four events today.

These events are happening all over the world in many classrooms. And they are why so many teachers love their jobs. 

Today as each event happened I paused, breathed and was thankful.

Event One: A sweet girl snuck over to me during the math lesson and whispered to me "I like being with you." My response? "I like being with you, too."

Event Two: A compassionate girl accidentally called me Mom, fixed it and went on. This has happened before, but NEVER this early in the year.

Event Three: As we were saying good-bye, a boy hugged me and said "I love you Mrs. Bartel." "I love you, too."

Event Four: A good-bye kiss on my cheek from another awesome Kinder while his mother looked on and smiled. 

It is good to know that our kids are cared for, and loved while in someone else's charge.

Teaching is tough. Standards. Data. Protocols. 

When the days start wearing me down, I will remember today. I will remember that teaching is more than standards. Teaching is a work of heart. Mine and theirs.

How do you stay positive on your tough days?

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