Friday, February 28, 2014

2-28-14 Five for Friday

What a week it was. Here's a snippet into mine with photos and captions. Later I will link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching and read what my friends have been up to.

Let's get started...

Earlier this week my kindergarten neighbors came and read a poem to us. It was so cool! Their teacher is amazing and gets them to do some incredible reading, writing and math.

I enjoyed watching this youngster sit and meditate in the sun at recess.

Another youngster helped me feed the calf. The problem I had (but not the youngster) was that the can was almost empty. He needed to measure 6 cups into a large coffee can. It seems that he figured out how to do this task, even without help from me.

For writing today the kids wrote in their school memories book. It is a fun activity at the end of each month. I loved this picture one friend drew.

I get the me and Jett names. But B-1? What was that I asked him. He looked at me incredulously--"Bartel." He didn't say "duh," but he looked it in his eyes. "B-1" is what my students write on their art papers so that the teacher can return them. Wonder if he will ever know what Bartel really looks like...

Another year older. For one of my students anyway. We sing "On the Day You Were Born" and the kids do such a nice job. Today while we were singing, I enjoyed watching the birthday girl grin so big.

Now it's time to finish the movie, Man of Steel. with my family and then enjoy a lovely night of sleep.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Proud Teacher Moment

Today I am a very proud teacher.

It's weird to say that. Because I was raised to not brag, and when I say that I am proud, I feel like I may be bragging.

Maybe today I am bragging.

My student teacher has been practicing her craft a lot this week in preparation for next week when she will teach EVERYTHING. And she is growing so much. 

As a motivator.

As a classroom manager.

As an advocate for the students.

Today she had the class all by herself because I was at a meeting and our school was short staffed.

Her report at the end of the day:
"It was a pretty good day! I beat the kids at the score board...But not bad!"

So, why am I proud? Because she has watched and learned and can teach 7 hours of lessons to first graders and come out smiling!

At least, I think she was smiling.

Usually I tell my husband and friends about the great thing that one of the first graders did.

Today the student I want to talk about is a college senior who is getting ready to graduate and find a classroom of her own.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five for Friday (February 15, 2014)

What a week! I think I could say that every week. But seriously.

Late nights at school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and an early day on Friday makes for a tired teacher. 

How about a little taste of my week in pictures and in words.

My student teacher is learning so much. This week has been amazing. She finished her third week of seven and I am really excited to be mentoring her. 

We got a fresh three inches of snow on Monday. It was COLD (but we had school), so we had a LOT of inside recess. Finally, at noon on Thursday we ventured out. Our kids do not (generally) come to school with snow boots, or snow pants, but since we have chore boots, they put those on to go out.

So many wet socks and pants, but worth it.

We walked through our "backyard"--the mini field behind the barn--in the fresh snow that only a few animals had put tracks in. We (the kids, not me) made snow angels. We LOVED the fresh, yet crisp, air.

It was easy to teach antonyms this week. My kids knew about opposites, so all I had to do was teach the vocabulary word "antonym" and we were good to go.

We wrote about it in our vocabulary journals.

And they had so many great ideas that we created a chart to display their ideas.

My good friend, Julie, sent me a package. The directions were to open on Valentine's Day. I needed to get to school early on Friday, so I opened it after school.

My son watched me open the box. His comment was, "Looks like Christmas came early for you, mom." Yes, it did!!!

I have an idea. I think I will choose a friend or two and send out a box, just because it feels so good to do it. 

My family drove 40 minutes north last night for dinner. I had a great steak sandwich and fries. After we got home I splurged and bought a movie on Amazon Prime. It is a movie for the boys (and maybe a little bit me).

As ever, thanks to Kacey @ Doodle Bugs Teaching for this fun, weekly linky party. If you have time, reading the other linked posts are a good way to spend a Saturday. I have 80 posts to catch up on, and the linky. I will be very busy reading while I am watching the Olympics today. Happy weekend folks!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday WOW

Hello Wednesday, aka, Snow Day #2!!!!!

I have time and energy to link up with my good friend Em @ Curious Firsties for a Wednesday WOW post.

So, my personal WOW:
1. Snow in Kansas! No school yesterday and no school today.
2. I made bread and muffins yesterday and I am making more bread today.
3. I get to watch tv while snuggled under my warm blanket.
Such a fun day(s)-like finding a twenty dollar bill in my pocket.

And, my professional WOW:
We have conferences this week (Monday before the big snow storm hit, and again on Thursday). I do not usually enjoy this week, but I found a resource that has made a BIG difference. Thanks to Easy Teaching Tools and her winter conference pack.

I sent a note home to parents, asking for what they wanted to talk about. With that information and several pieces of work, our time together was meaningful and positive.

Think I want to remember this for next year.

So, head over to Curious Firsties and link up. Happy Wednesday!!!

Curious Firsties

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently

Welcome to the new month. That means it is time to share my currently and read many more.

Thanks Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade for keeping this going. I love the questions, they make me think, and it is fun.

I've been so jealous of my friends who have had snow days in January. Some of them are tired of it, but I want one. Just one snow day.

It's kind of like finding a $20 bill in your pocket. Thrilling. Joyful. Bliss. Just one. That is all I want to be happy.

Making lists are fun, but sometimes I get distracted and don't finish them. Today I want to knock off everything on my list. So far--3 out of 8 marked off.

Truths: In college I was stranded, alone, on the Interstate. I was also stranded in a boat at summer camp, luckily, the lifeguard was with us and she swam us back to the dock. Thankfully, I have never been stranded on a roller coaster (not sure I even like roller coasters).

All righty. Time to work on the rest of my list.

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