Friday, November 27, 2015

Gratitude Lately

Recently my friend and I have started daily thankful lists. We text our lists to each other just before bed (or the next morning, if we fall asleep before we get it done).

What has this practice taught me? To reflect daily on what I'm thankful for. And to start the day looking for what to write that night. (That was my friend's comment, but I love it also.) 

Many of my lists go like this...

My Family.

My job.

My teacher support network. Both far and near. Those that I know in real life, and those that I wish I knew, but get ideas and inspiration from.

Cozy blankets, delicious drinks, soft lotion,

Often my list is something specific about each of  the above...

My sons who talk to each other, me and my husband and think that it is fun and normal. A student who showed love in a note. Lunch with a friend on a day off of school. A crazy class activity (making pumpkin pie) and coming out on the other side smiling.

There are more. Because when I start being thankful, the list goes on and on...

Michelle, thank you for a linky that gives me space to reflect on what I'm thankful for on this day.


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Thursday, November 5, 2015



Or maybe not. You can decide later, after you hear the story.

Is fear of something the same as not liking something a whole lot? I'm not sure.

I REALLY, really, REALLY do NOT like mice. But I do not think I am afraid of them. Just do not like them. Maybe it is fear. 

Nope. Just dislike.

Moving on... For 3.5 years I have been waiting for this day. Not eagerly, but knew it would happen. A dead mouse made it's presence in my classroom known to me this morning.

The story is long. And not very wonderful.

Except the part with me tearing apart my newly organized space trying to not touch anything and find the source of the smell. Here I was brave.

I was smart enough to document the activity...

And, as my new best friend constructed the removal devise, "I need a picture of this, you're going on the blog tonight." Brave again here.

But when it was time to actually get it, I was screaming, running, and made quite a big scene. Not brave.

Sorry kids who were trying to learn.

I wrote to my students that I was brave. They do not know the details, they were out of the room while the removal happened. 

The rest of the day is a blur. We did stuff. Talked. Learned? Had an extra recess. And I left my wonderful, peaceful, lovely room like this...

I hope to be brave tomorrow and put us (the room and me) back together again.

These monster cookie bars should help!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Extra Hour

It came.

The email.

At the end of the day canceling the Staff Meeting.

I would have done the Happy Dance, but I was too busy getting stuff done!

See, I listened to Ashely on Periscope last night. (She is from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and really smart...) She was speaking to my heart.

It was all about organization. Sigh. Delightful. Her room is amazing.

So I had ideas about what I would do to make my room more organized, less chaotic.

And I got so much done. I was a work horse! Last one to leave.

I haven't had a teacher desk for 4 years, but still managed (until this year) to clutter up the Teaching Table. Since I'm not cluttering the Table, I am cluttering the bookcase behind the table. 

But this afternoon, the bookcase looks good. My plan book, two folders with important kid info, and the stack of Donor's Choose permission forms that need to be filed. Other papers were recycled or put away (which is her #1 Tip). 

I'd say that was a success.

How about a few photos from last week...

Front of the room...

Middle area...

Back of the room...

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