Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Currently

Helloooooo November! I have been waiting all day to post my Currently, and here it is. :)

I am so pleased that Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade continues this monthly tradition. My explanations follow...

Listening: ABC Family is making my night with a fun movie.

Loving: Yep, lesson plans on paper. They are boring and a whole bunch of talk, talk, talking. So, now to make them pop with hand-on first grade goodness. Pinterest, don't let me down...

Thinking: This is my fourth year in a general ed classroom, third year in first grade and I finally think I have a handle on most some of this stuff. So much to learn and make better, but this feels so much better than 2012. Yahoo!

Wanting: Time to finish my homework that was assigned last weekend. It is due on November 8, but why wait? Let's get it done!!

Needing: Time. Enough said, right? With my family, with my students, with my own professional development, with a hobby, to get healthy.

Reading: I learned of this book last weekend. So many great ideas in this book.

I love the currentlys, they are a fun way to reflect or anticipate. So, what are you doing Currently?

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