Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Currently

Helloooooo November! I have been waiting all day to post my Currently, and here it is. :)

I am so pleased that Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade continues this monthly tradition. My explanations follow...

Listening: ABC Family is making my night with a fun movie.

Loving: Yep, lesson plans on paper. They are boring and a whole bunch of talk, talk, talking. So, now to make them pop with hand-on first grade goodness. Pinterest, don't let me down...

Thinking: This is my fourth year in a general ed classroom, third year in first grade and I finally think I have a handle on most some of this stuff. So much to learn and make better, but this feels so much better than 2012. Yahoo!

Wanting: Time to finish my homework that was assigned last weekend. It is due on November 8, but why wait? Let's get it done!!

Needing: Time. Enough said, right? With my family, with my students, with my own professional development, with a hobby, to get healthy.

Reading: I learned of this book last weekend. So many great ideas in this book.

I love the currentlys, they are a fun way to reflect or anticipate. So, what are you doing Currently?

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  1. I can't wait til I get a handle on teaching. This year is definitely less chaotic than last, but it's still a challenge. This is my 2nd year in 3rd, and 3rd year teaching. I love the Proposal! Ryan and Sandra make a great couple!

    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  2. I just found your blog on Currently. I'll have to poke around your blog, because your school sounds interesting.
    Artistry of Education

  3. That book looks interesting. Have you gotten very far into it? Is it similar to Fred Jones Tools for Teaching? I'm a new follower, I found you through Farley's link up.

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  4. I agree- the third year in a position seems to me to be the one where you can finally settle in and relax a bit! I read a book a couple years ago that talked a lot about total response techniques, and it totally changed the way I taught. I need to check THIS one out! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Year three does make everything better, doesn't it? Believe me, after that, every year is even easier! Our profession is so strange in this way, but so rewarding!
    Have a great November!
    BigTime Literacy

  6. I love ABC family movies too! You're right. Time does seem to be an issue in the life of a teacher.
    Have a blessed Sunday, Alyce, and thanks for dropping by!
    S a r a h :o)

  7. I am seriously jealous that you are finished with your lesson plans for the week - I always seem to wait until Sundays to get them done. Maybe I can get ahead this week? That would be amazing! LOL! I loved that book! There are so many great ideas to incorporate into the classroom!

  8. Alyce - I am totally with you on needing time!!

    You're blog is wonderful! I just nominated you for a Liebster!

    Check it out here!


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