Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Break, Phase One

I'm not on Summer Break. But Phase One is in full swing.

It is time for me to let go. But it is so hard.

These kids. My kids. We have learned together, laughed together, and cried together.

I look at each one and remember a time, a note, or a lesson. My eyes fill with tears. Soon these first graders will be second graders and have a different teacher. I will no longer be the one to accept their hugs and smiles.

I think about all the things I would want the next teacher to know: this one needs lots of hugs; this one is quiet, be patient and consistent, soon you will see her shine; this one does not want to try unless he knows he is correct, again, be patient, he will soon trust you to try, to make mistakes, to thrive; this one wants to know that you are close; this one is a true multi-tasker, watch and see; this one is insecure, water the seeds that were planted and watch out.

But I also know that next year is a new year and the next teacher will discover all this and more. 

So what is Phase One? It is me being really quiet. Soaking in every last bit of firstie goodness that I can. And trusting that everyone (the little ones and I) will be ok.

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