Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dinner and Art

My weekend started off great!

Seven colleagues and I went out to dinner on Friday. We tried really hard not to talk shop, but when you love your job as much as we do, it is difficult not to.

After dinner we had a painting lesson. At an art studio. Some of us were nervous. Some of us were intrigued. It reminded me of directed drawings that I did with my class last year (ideas from Art Projects for Kids).

Only this time I was the student instead of the teacher.

Our leader was knowledgeable, but... When we had a question she "did" it for us, and did not give verbal directions for how we could do it.

I never asked a question, because I did not want to be rude and say, "Get your hands off my painting. Use your words and TELL me what to do."

I think I could have learned a lot from her if we were both willing to work with each other, rather than shut each other out.

I willed her to stay away from me (but eagerly listened when she was using her brush on my friends' paintings), and she barely looked at my canvas. Luckily I was the very farthest away from her.

Wow, I did not know how frustrated I was by the situation. I wanted to learn. I was ready to learn. But she had trouble differentiating.

I think I learned a valuable lesson last night. And it had nothing to do with art. 

My lesson was how I felt when she didn't teach, rather gave away the answers.

Next time my firsties have questions I am going to:
1. Stop
2. Evaluate the situation
3. Offer an alternate verbal, visual and kinesthetic approach
4. Give them enough time to practice what I offered without "giving away" the answer
5. Jump for joy when we both "get" it.

Wanna see the project I created? All by myself. No one else touched it with a brush.

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  1. Oh, Alyce - quite a cool painting!
    And I often find that at in-services - I'm learning something, but not necessarily the something they wanted me to learn :)
    Glad your painting is all yours!

  2. Love the painting! I've always wanted to go to one of these places.

  3. I know just how you feel. I used to have insights like that at my piano lessons:)
    Lovely painting!

    Barbara @
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs


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