Saturday, June 7, 2014

Literacy Work Stations Workshop

Well, Mrs. Jones and I spent last night and today together. Along with 18 other conscientious elementary school teachers.

A college credit earning workshop was offered and we jumped. Mrs. Jones to move over, me to recertify. Wonder if I could do both...

Anyway, we went with big expectations of learning how to set up, launch and sustain literacy work stations. 

We came away with something different.

But how about a story?

Mrs. Jones and I learned to know each other because of our current teaching position. We have grown to be friends, but that came from all the time we spent collaborating last year as we both were new to first grade and we were hanging on to each other. Just to stay somewhat on top of things.

Now we are friends and teammates.

We have "first grade brain." That means without even talking about it, we wear the same clothes, have very similar ideas, and finish each other's sentences (but she says sandwiches).

Back to last night. 

As a part of last night we got in a small group with two other first grade teachers and had a share time. As we were heading back to the big group one lady (Carol) asked about us--certainly we came to the job being friends (how else could we be so close and enjoy each other?) and we must be similar in age. 


Sweet Carol (my sweet new friend) would not believe me when I told her my age. She repeatedly said "no way." I almost grabbed my license to show her, but grabbed my phone instead for a selfie.

Thanks Carol for making my day. By the way, I've been driving two years less than Mrs. Jones is old.

So on to the meat of the workshop.

We really did not have much in the nitty gritty of work stations, but we made a haul in the "materials" department.

My other new friend, Meg, said it just perfectly--"it's teacher Christmas."

Dice (sight words, and several math); a pocket chart; 4 books (3 nonfiction, 1 fiction); file folders; manilla envelopes; dry erase bubble chart; and so much more.

That does not even include the ideas that I scrawled into my notebook.

And in two weeks, Mrs. Jones, Meg and I will be back to see what this instructor has to say about Math Work Stations. 

Better buy another box!!
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  1. Oh my Goodness!! Those materials look wonderful! I love getting new "props" (other wise known at teaching tools, materials, resources....)! I am like a kid in a candy store when I get new stuff!

  2. I was able to go to Houston (I paid for my expenses) to be with Debbie Diller! Incredible! I do Literacy Stations and Math Stations for quite a while in my classroom. Love-Love them! It is the only way I get my Expository curriculum in.

  3. Oh what fun! And just a little jealous of the goodies! Is Debbie Diller presenting?


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