Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday (6-27-14)

It's the weekend! Fridays have a whole different meaning during the summer for me.

I am not wiped out. I am refreshed, because I had several naps during the lazy days.

I am not feeling sad that I didn't read for fun, because I did. 

Today I'm pleased to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday party.

Let's get started.

1. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Jones this week.

We have created a year-at-a-glance. It is a beautiful document. 

See what I mean? It's all there! Well, maybe not everything, but what a plan. This is only quarter one, we have three more sheets with the other quarters. If we have a plan, we know where we are going. Where do we want to end? What do we need to do to get there?

Would it be ok to sleep with this next to my bed? To look at just before I go to sleep, and again when I wake up?

2. I read another book.

This is a fast read. I was expecting to sob (from what I've heard), but I didn't. I enjoyed it. But the end...I will write about that privately, don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not read it.

3. Barnes & Noble found me this afternoon.

Last summer was a Mosaic summer. With lots of thinking. It got to be too much. But I heard from some trusted friends that I should read the Debbie Miller book. I thought I would glance through it, take some notes and leave it. But I couldn't! So, next week I will read this fine book and be energized.

4. Binge watching tv on Netflix. No picture of this. I have never watched this show before, but wow! I am hooked and nearly finished with it.

5. Movie night at home.

This happens to be the same movie that I saw last summer when I discovered "thinking about my thinking." Memories. 

Thanks Kacey for hosting as always! Hop on over to her blog to read more Five for Friday posts. Happy weekend friends!!

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  1. I just linked up right next to you on Doodle Bugs, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi! I LOVE that there is actually an ag elementary somewhere! What a fantastic idea. My daughter is in FFA here in Texas, and she loves it! I had posted this cute goat video on my blog, and I thought you might appreciate it on yours as well!

  2. Can you do the planning for our 2nd grade curriculum too!? Our school just adopted the Wonders program and I haven't even cracked it open. I need to get my hands on a copy of that book :) Happy Aloha Friday!


  3. I cried when I read the book and when I saw the movie.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  4. I did cry when I read The Fault in Our Stars. Not as much as my daughter did, or predicted that I would. I love, love, love that you got so much mapped out! That is AWESOME!! Happy Summertime schedule and no-stress Fridays.

  5. I really enjoyed Reading with Meaning. I had been thinking of picking up Mosaic. Haven't seen the other.
    Between loud thunderstorms and a girly who stays out to late, I haven't caught up on my sleep like I'd hope. There's still time though! :)

  6. You have inspired me to try and make some type of year long plan for my new classes. I think I had better do it in pencil haha, I think there might be a lot of changes made! This probably sounds terrible, but I hardly ever read. I used to be an avid reader, I don't know what happened. You've kind of motivated me to try and get a couple of books read this summer. Thanks!

    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  7. Hi Alyce,

    I loved Debbie Miller's book Reading with Meaning. She has so many amazing ideas in it. Your long range plans look great too.

    Enjoy your summer,
    The Very Busy Classroom


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