Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordy, or Not Wordy?

This is the big question.

Which linky to join?

Wordless Wednesday or What I'm Loving?

Well, It must be What I'm Loving, because there is SOOOOO much love in my heart, that I have TONS to share!!! Thanks Michelle @ Big Time Literacy for a great reason to put off going to sleep.

Love #1: Students having literacy conversations while I work with a small group. (Independent after teaching last week.)

Love #2: My classroom that now has room for us to move.

Love #3: I think a student of mine that had LOADS of trouble being on task, following directions and doing the right thing last semester is adapting to a desk-free room. This student is able to move when needed and I am able to teach and we are getting along so well. We are definitely keeping each other happy.

Love #4: My sister, the nurse. She diagnoses my aches and pains over the phone and then I feel much better, except for the part about a knee-replacement that may be in my future.

Love #5: Blog buddies who are so much more. Friends. Coaches. Cheerleaders. I have the BEST friends who share, collaborate and inspire me every day. Michelle was my very first Skype ever on Monday. She spent 30 minutes encouraging me, and that was the best PD for me. And Julie for bringing content and CCSS together and sharing that goodness with me. And Em for doing the small group research and willingly share that knowledge with me who is tired and doesn't have time to do the research right now.

Love #6: Music. Piano played by my sons. Trombone and trumpet played by my sons. And the radio.

Love #7: My cozy blankets that are keeping me warm now as I begin to drift off...

Love #8: My teaching partner (Mrs. Jones). We laugh. We cry. We support. We care. That is it, because that is everything!

Love #9: Intermittent sunshine, maybe a bit more tomorrow...

See, I could go on and on and on. I'm pretty sure that I will fall asleep naming more people and things and moments that I love. 

And that is good. Love and thankfulness. 

What do you love today?

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  1. Trombones, pianos, and trumpets...Oh my! I kind of love that my son doesn't play any instruments. :/

  2. aren't your teaching partners the best? I have learned to appreciate who I work with - like really appreciate them - because sometimes we go our separate ways and you look back and think, "Wow, was that special!" Sounds like you have that right now!

  3. My mom is my on-call-nurse. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches


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