Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Hero

So many heroes.

For various reasons.

My hero today is 6 years old.

Lately I have been feeling pretty discouraged with education. I LOVE my class and teaching first grade sooooooo much, but the other stuff is just getting me down.

Today I decided to have a good day. I made a plan for some challenging kids. I was consistent. I allowed for some fun.

And by recess time we were ready to let out some energy. 

Love the farm yard, the picking grass and feeding it to our calves. And also the chickens.

That's when the kids noticed an egg on the ground in the chicken run. And since we were wearing our chore boots (thanks to some recent rain, and me not wanting to get THAT much sand in our classroom), I unlocked the run and sent in an eager first grader to retrieve that egg.

Not to be outdone, other friends looked into the hen house and convinced me to let them in there. Again, easy decision--they had on chore boots. 

Two girls went in. One came out with 2 eggs. 

I stood on the outside. Looking in.

Making sure no hens escaped. Because that's what I do.

The other girl was working with a stubborn hen. She was in her box, and just didn't want to move.

The girl prodded. Made noise. And then got brave. She shoved her hand under the hen, but quickly brought it out again. (This is why I do not like gathering eggs--protective hens that do not give up their eggs without a good pecking.)

She looked at me. I was no help. Gave no advise. Was ready to give up, go away and let that hen have her egg.

But that brave girl gently reached in, picked up that hen (like she's done that before) and carefully placed her on the floor. Went back and got two eggs.

I looked at her with awe. Admiration. Pride.

And now I know who I'm calling to help me with weekend chores for the next 6 or more years!

My Hero.
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  1. Great Post!!! Our kids are just amazing! They just surprise me everyday and make me smile. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Good for her!!! I'm also not a fan of chickens, having had to chase them many times. What do you do with the eggs you collect?

  3. What a wonderful story. It's easy to get discouraged, so I'm glad you made the effort to share this great story! Sara


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