Wednesday, March 25, 2015


A glimpse of morning chores at my school...

And it has nothing to do with sharpen your pencil, read a book, use the restroom.

I'm talking about...

Feeding and watering the calves.

Feeding and changing the water for the chickens and the ducks.

And checking on the pigs (make sure they have water, their ears are up, count how many there are, and that the gate is locked--pigs are smart and escape you know).

Kids came running back to me--there are NO pigs! What? Did they escape? I went with them to check it out.

[I knew they had left the night before to go to the Heavenly Harvest Home, but I felt like messing with my kids.]

When we got to the pen, I said, "what do you mean there are no pigs? I see three laying in there. Wait, one is getting up." Kids in disbelief are saying "NO!" I continued, "Sure, there is one, and now another is getting up." Now I had a friend join me. He said, "oh, I see it." He was not fooling, so I was wondering what he saw. Any way, this continued a bit, then I went back to the calves.

Later a sweet friend came to me and said--"the gate is open! That is how they got out! Come and see."

Even later--kids were looking for signs. They found "footprints" and looking into the hedgerow, they thought they smelled something--dead pigs. 

I guess tomorrow I should set the record straight. Or maybe not...

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  1. Haha! It's always so much fun "messing" with the kids:)

    Okay, a really DUMB question from a lifelong city girl. Why do you have to make sure the pigs' ears are up? Does that mean they're feeling healthy or something? Please stop laughing :)

  2. I think you must teach at the coolest school ever, I'll take pigs and chickens over tons of technology any day. The kids must just love it! Please answer Barb's question because I'm a city girl too. I thought you were just kind of playing with them. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! 😊☺️😊

  3. I was thinking how cool your school is - and then you wrote about a whole new way to mess with kids! Terrific!!


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