Thursday, November 5, 2015



Or maybe not. You can decide later, after you hear the story.

Is fear of something the same as not liking something a whole lot? I'm not sure.

I REALLY, really, REALLY do NOT like mice. But I do not think I am afraid of them. Just do not like them. Maybe it is fear. 

Nope. Just dislike.

Moving on... For 3.5 years I have been waiting for this day. Not eagerly, but knew it would happen. A dead mouse made it's presence in my classroom known to me this morning.

The story is long. And not very wonderful.

Except the part with me tearing apart my newly organized space trying to not touch anything and find the source of the smell. Here I was brave.

I was smart enough to document the activity...

And, as my new best friend constructed the removal devise, "I need a picture of this, you're going on the blog tonight." Brave again here.

But when it was time to actually get it, I was screaming, running, and made quite a big scene. Not brave.

Sorry kids who were trying to learn.

I wrote to my students that I was brave. They do not know the details, they were out of the room while the removal happened. 

The rest of the day is a blur. We did stuff. Talked. Learned? Had an extra recess. And I left my wonderful, peaceful, lovely room like this...

I hope to be brave tomorrow and put us (the room and me) back together again.

These monster cookie bars should help!

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  1. Oh gross! You ARE brave! I had a dead mouse somewhere in my basement a few years ago. I cleaned every where, checked everywhere, but never found it. Eventually the smell went away.....but air fresheners did help! Then one day, right in front of my nose on a shelf was this decayed dead mouse! How did I miss that? So glad you can mask the smell with cookies!

  2. You've been brave since the day I met you umpteen years ago, friend. Please. Please, be gentle with yourself. ;)

  3. You are quite brave in my book. I leave dead mice for somebody else -- usually hubby. Sara


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