Thursday, December 17, 2015

High Strung

Waiting for an after school meeting to start today, visiting with a friend/school person about stuff and I said--

"You know, I'm a little high strung."

She was serious and said--"no, not really. I feel and see your passion, but not high strung."

To which I said--"but my insides are screaming! All the time."

So, how do tame the beast that I feel? Especially today?

Especially every day...

Wish I had kept up with mindfulness.

Thankful for two weeks coming up to fill that cup and create a new path for the high strung beast that lives in me. 
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  1. I am so behind...I'm sorry, friend. I absolutely love your blog. Mindfulness is always there. I always feel like I am not keeping up with it and then I come back to it and realize it was always there.


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