Saturday, January 30, 2016

Things Kids Say

You know that "kids say the darndest things"...

1. At recess Friday afternoon--

Student: "Mrs. Bartel, can I go get an ice pack for my hand?"
Me: "What happened to your hand?"
Student: "I bit it."

Really? You bit your hand? I really wanted to say all that, but his hand hurt, so I decided to be nice and let him get an ice pack.

2. After school on Friday--

Student: While patting the messy bun on my head, "Mrs. Bartel, you finally did your hair, it's beautiful."

She thinks that my normal hair (which isn't fancy, but works for me) needs a pony or something... And has told me that before.

Moving on...

Yesterday was Kansas Day and we celebrated semi-big in first grade. Some pioneer learning and dressing up.

Now I leave you with a few pictures of our fun...

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  1. Their outfits are great!!! Thank you for sharing with us!


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