Saturday, February 6, 2016

In the Quiet of the Weekend...

I find myself reflecting on a quote I saw on Instagram last night.

No matter how many years we have been teaching, we should feel like a ROOKIE every year by trying something new and not being afraid to fail. --Heidi Pauer, educator

Dreaming about the classroom I want to create.

Sipping a chai tea.

Pinteresting--finding tools and ideas that would be awesome in my dream classroom.

Pulling that all together...

I often feel like I am trying something new that I saw on IG, FB, or a blog. I love to incorporate someone's great idea or teacher trick. These have helped my classroom be fun and exciting for me (and hopefully the students). 

And I often wonder--when will it be good enough? Will my classroom, my instruction ever meet my expectations?

Probably not. 

That used to stress me out, but not any more. Because each change, each idea is adding to the instruction and hopefully the success of the students who pass through my classroom. 

So--off to incorporate the something new for next week!

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  1. so the truth, we're always evolving. I'm glad it doesn't stress you out anymore, and this was a great reminder to me. Just yesterday I was feeling stressed that it will never be done. But, that's part of the job!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. How awesome is that?! The freeing thing for me this year is that I realized that I don't have to pursue every new and improved teaching gem/strategy/trick. I gave myself freedom to get better at basics right now and I feel more and more that I actually know what I'm doing. But will I ever reach that place where I feel like I was good enough, deep enough, thorough enough? I hope not!

  3. Yes!! Perfect quote. This is what makes our profession so amazing! We get to be different and challenged each year. We get to support each other even from miles and miles away. I am happy to be on this teacher journey with you.


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