Thursday, May 18, 2017

No Big Deal

But it IS a big deal. To me, to the parents, to the people who monitor "data."

Background information:

First semester of kindergarten was full of letters-names, sounds, words.

Second semester was full of review, review, review. And practice, practice, practice. (Review and practice of reading and spelling.)


Two kinder friends asked to play CandyLand with me during reading intervention. (Do not worry, I altered the cards. ;-) I wrote nonsense words on them--cvc, ccvc, ccvcc, cvcc)

These two kids were reading and playing with ease. Almost made me cry. When they would read a word, they would say, hey--that is the beginning of ... Just add ___ and then it is a real word.

Here is the example that has stuck with me:

Student 1 reads muff and says, that is the beginning of muffin.

Student 2 says, just add 'in' and you would have muffin.

Teacher (me) says, how did you know to add 'in'?

Student 2 says "I listened to the sounds." (He was a bit perplexed that I asked him--why would I not know this??? This was NOT a big deal to the student, just another day in kindergarten.)

The Big Deal:

These kids are leaving me tomorrow and they are confident that they can listen for the sounds to read and spell. These kids do not need me to spell anything for them. If they get stuck, all I have to do is "unblend" the word WITH them, and then they do the rest. 

Did I mention that they are 5 an 6 years old?

I am one happy teacher! 

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