Saturday, May 27, 2017


Summer = Homework!

I'm two weeks into my coursework and some is fun and some is less fun. ;-)

I think I've watch Rita Pierson's TEDtalk 4 times in the past couple of years. And today she inspired me to improve and be the difference I was born to make.

If you have never watched it, or if you want to watch it again, check it out!

Now that you've been refreshed with her message...

There are a couple of kids last year that I did not do my best with making a connection. I need to do better. The kids deserve my best. 

As I look to the future I ask my community: What do you do to build a human connection with your students? How do you build relationships? 

My go tos:
--hugs and smiles
--playing at recess (not often enough)
--telling stories about me as a kid, or my own kids, to make connections with their lives
--accepting and encouraging different ways to learn

I'm sure there are more. Would you please leave me a comment with what you do to build relationships with your students? I want to learn from YOU!!!


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  1. Alyce -- I think relationships are an area I need to work on too. I love your ideas for building relationships. My students have always enjoyed eating in the classroom; and when I can make it a smaller group, I have a chance to really visit with them.


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