Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Best Feeling

It's kind of the best feeling...

After writing some positive notes home, getting a message back that the student pretends to be the teacher every night and teaches what he learned that day at school.

To really know that I am loving my students. Some years it takes longer, and creeps up on me. But I am there. We have bonded as a family and no one better mess with any one of my students (past or present).

To present situations where the kids have to learn the material (after I have sneakily created the environment) and see them DO IT! I mean really, my heart swells with excitement.

Having conversations with parents and stop being nervous about talking, and realizing that we both want the best and that by working together we can do more than when we work alone.

To want to go to bed so that I can get up tomorrow and go back to the place I call my "day" home and be with my "little" family and do what we do best--learn together!
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