Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Part of learning to read is learning to read sight words, or high frequency words. Quickly.

One of the ways that I help the kids is to know which words follow the rules that I teach (closed syllable, v-consonant-e) and which ones don't.

We call the rule followers "green" words, and every where they appear in the room I write them in green marker. And the words that do not follow the rules are "red" words, and they are written in red marker.

Steps I follow to teach new high frequency words:
1. Read 3 sentences that contain the new word (it is the only word that is the same in all three sentences).
2. Students listen and discover the new word.
3. We say the sounds of the word.
4. I write the word on the board as I say the sounds.
5. They LOVE this one, they decide if it is a green word or red word.
6. Post the word on the word wall and add to the deck of cards that we review.

Well, this week our words are: have, for.

I cannot remember the exact conversation that led up to my smart kindergartener, but I must have asked "why is have a red word?" (And I know it could be a green word, but for K, we are going with red.)

And she replied, "Because it is not following directions." (She did go on to explain the direction that was not followed.)

Oh sweet child. Yes, some words do not follow directions!
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