Sunday, April 29, 2018

Classroom Reveal 2017-2018

Usually teachers reveal their classrooms in August or September. I just don't have time or energy for that. Plus my room feels like a work in progress all year.

Friday I had my good cameral at school and took some photos. It is still a work in progress, but I love how it feels right now. 

The "front" of the room. The whole class teaching area. The "Student of the Day" and his/her table group gets to sit on the blue couches behind the carpet. My favorite parts here are the little red chair and the gray chair. I sit in the gray chair to read books to them, and the little red chair to be close to them while I demonstrate something.

Moving around to the left, a side of the class. My favorite part of this picture is the letter/phonics cards that hang. We review them daily in a variety of ways.

The "back." Behind the six doors that you see is my least favorite part of the class. Back there are hooks for coats and backpacks and a wonderful place to go hang out with your friends.

The other side. My favorite part are the windows. It looks into a grassy area, so we are not distracted by recess or a road. I love the sunlight!

The "Teaching Table." The bulletin board has grown with us this year. It holds our high frequency words. If they are written in green marker, the word "follows the rules." If the word is written in red, it does not "follow directions." I love that saying. One of my kinders has named the red words that--words that do not follow directions. 

And my very favorite! Class photos (more to add tomorrow on the far left), and moving right: individual photos and names, balloons with kid photos, our zones check-in, and the Safe Place, and description of the zones.

I love how colorful this area is, and the kinders flock to it, they love seeing pictures of themselves and their classmates. 

Soon I will pack this all up for the summer. I wonder what will be the same next year...

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  1. Your classroom is a great learning space that looks inviting. As a teacher I love this time of year where things end and things are about to begin. With that comes reflection and planning for the next year. I am such a reflecting and planning personality as you are so it make perfect sense in my book to share your classroom now rather then the beginning of the school year. Thanks Alyce!!!

    1. Thank you for putting my feelings into words. Yes, and end and a beginning. I love it.

  2. Very nice! Special seating for the student of the day — how cool! And I love the idea of words that follow the rules, don’t follow the rules. Never thought of labeling them that way! Enjoy reflecting and planning for next year!

    1. Thanks Sara! Glad you found something that you liked. Time for me to buy a new notebook and start the reflecting/planning. :-)


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