Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019, Part Two

This party was tiring and awesome and left me smiling big.

And needed some centers. 8 or so. Plus, I liked the idea of kids just rotating as they wanted, not required to do any of it, just open to make decisions and do what their spirit decided, as long as there was space at the center to do it. (Check out yesterday's post, Part One, for the why I did what I did.)

I was fortunate to have 8 (or was it 9, it's a blur now) amazing adults help me run the centers, so I was able to monitor the whole situation and help out in a spot if needed or play the game if I wanted to. :-) 

Many of the kids whose grown up was there tended to go to their parent's center and hang out there for about 10ish minutes, and then ventured out to see and do other things. I LOVED that they could do that and not have me saying, nope, you have to go somewhere else and do something else, not with your beloved adult. It made me feel responsive to what the students wanted. (We are working on responsive culture in our district.)

Now, what were the options??

1. Frost a cookie, add sprinkles, and eat it. Definitely a favorite. (This was a one time center.)

2. Candy heart stack (directions here). As the time went on, the mom was able to change and adapt the activity as students came and went. I loved that.

3. Play dough that smelled like red hots. The kids wrote their name on the bag and got to take it home. Or play with it again. And then take it home.

4. Tweeze me (directions here). Again, the mom kept the game fun and fresh.

5. Bingo with our high frequency words. The prize? Stickers. I had one student who collected 5 stickers, she was so proud. (A little content at the party is ok, I tell myself)

6. Q-tip painting (template found here). Next year we will practice Q-tip painting before (like with a different picture), then this will be easier and look better. (Also a 1 time center.)

7. Sewing. I found these cute heart sewing kits from Target. It was so much goodness to watch this happen. We need to do it again this year. So many proud kids!! (1 time center, and somehow I didn't buy enough :-(  I must do better at math next year.)

8. Bean bag toss with some emoji bean bags that I found at Hobby Lobby. (Sorry, no picture of them)

And I also sat by the bags that had bagged popcorn and grapes for another snack as they worked their way around the room.

It was sort of like field trips, where I try to not make me be in charge of a group, so that I can enjoy all the kids, and allow the grown up volunteers the fun of interacting with their child and other kids from the class. 

Really. I loved this day so much!

I hope the kids have good memories, I know that I do.

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  1. Your party sounds wonderful! I'm glad it worked out so well for everyone :)


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