Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday, September 20 (or 21) Edition

I really do not like being late. Early 15 minutes is ok, but late makes me feel so bad. Being late to this linky party makes me sad, but I did not want to miss another week.

Thanks Doodle Bugs for understanding that sometimes I just cannot get myself to post on a Friday night. Thanks for letting me be late to the party.

My day on Friday...

1. A Bee-you-ti-ful drive to school. At 6:50 am. Low clouds, but sun trying to shine through. Lovely. And great music on the radio.

2. A boy that enjoyed teasing me at recess. 

3. Collecting data on our favorite flavors of ice cream.

4. Putting our data into a graph. And discovering the "difference."

5. A block party for dinner. Food. Fun. Fellowship with my neighbors. Oh how I've missed my neighbors these last five weeks.

Happy weekend friends! My plans: Soccer game. Feed the calf (newly named Freckles). Plan and prep for "Apple Week." Be outside in the crisp autumn air.
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