Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Presents and A Plea

One of the perks of being a teacher is the presents.

I don't get many, but the ones that I do get are heartfelt and mean so much to me.

Today I got four presents. All at the recess after lunch. And I took pictures of them, so you can enjoy my presents also.

My presents.

1. First present.

We spent many minutes looking at our "new" chickens. They arrived yesterday afternoon. Some of us were pretty sure we were witnessing an egg being laid. 

2. While near the chicken coop...

A gathering of four boys found this lovely, big, juicy (I'm guessing), crunchy (another guess) grub. They were poking it with twigs. Observing it closely. Discussing if it was a grub or centipede. Contemplating if it was poisonous. What a great conversation to overhear.

It reminds me that I want to read Roxie and the Hooligans to my class as our next chapter book.

3. A frog.

He wanted to keep the frog. I was such a kill joy when I said "No. Go find a home place for it and let it be FREE." It is cute. But if it pees on you, won't you get warts? Hope it kept it's pee in!

4. Feathers.

The feathers and frog happened almost simultaneously, so I missed some of the feathers, because I just needed that frog to be free. I think the feathers were going home for a present to someone there. Sweet.

My plea.

I need ideas to teach and practice sight words in first grade.

I have every list of sight words imaginable, but what to do to teach?

Flash cards? Boring.

Create games? Who has time?

And each kid needs different words.

Will someone please come over this weekend and set this up for me? 

I have an aide and 20-30 minutes that I can dedicate to this every day. Does that help?

Thanks bunches!!!!!

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  1. Alyce - we had a baby bird on the playground the day I had recess duty - now that was fun.
    I don't know if it helps - but do you have a smart board? I used some of the interactive things on there with sight words. It does engage the kids. Sometimes I think we just need a magic wand!
    Hope you have a great weekend! Sara

  2. Alyce, I have lots of different things I use for sight words. What kinds of things were you looking for? I would love to help you out if I can. I posted some free sight word card games on my blog a while back that I send home for the kids to play with their parents, but they are also fun to use at school. I use Scholastics sight word poetry book and we usually do at least one poem a week and put it in a poetry journal. I have some things I can email to you if you are interested.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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