Friday, November 29, 2013

Discovery Time

Friday's are such wonderful days.

Especially when I have planned ahead and have five photos to share at Doodle Bugs Teaching's party. But I have no photos or lessons from this week.

What I have is a discovery. Today I made some connections. Let me explain.

I love being at school. When it's empty, full of students and teachers, or just a few.

I love looking through my resources and books.

I love planning and creating.

I love having time to make lessons better.

I love organizing.

Today, instead of spending money on Black Friday sales, I went to school. I planned. And planned. And planned some more. I organized books, files and binders. I rearranged the student's desks.

It was then that I made my discovery. I love being at school because I can organize, create and read my books.

Pretty nice that my occupation is also my hobby, and that my family is old enough to have hobbies of their own. 
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  1. It's my hobby too! Love it to pieces actually!!

  2. Alyce, i understand completely. I can't get into my classroom anytime I want, but on Tuesday when most people left the minute they could, I stayed until about 7:00. Sometimes you just need time to straighten and re-organize. Enjoy your weekend!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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