Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday WOW

Hello Wednesday, aka, Snow Day #2!!!!!

I have time and energy to link up with my good friend Em @ Curious Firsties for a Wednesday WOW post.

So, my personal WOW:
1. Snow in Kansas! No school yesterday and no school today.
2. I made bread and muffins yesterday and I am making more bread today.
3. I get to watch tv while snuggled under my warm blanket.
Such a fun day(s)-like finding a twenty dollar bill in my pocket.

And, my professional WOW:
We have conferences this week (Monday before the big snow storm hit, and again on Thursday). I do not usually enjoy this week, but I found a resource that has made a BIG difference. Thanks to Easy Teaching Tools and her winter conference pack.

I sent a note home to parents, asking for what they wanted to talk about. With that information and several pieces of work, our time together was meaningful and positive.

Think I want to remember this for next year.

So, head over to Curious Firsties and link up. Happy Wednesday!!!

Curious Firsties

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  1. Snow, snow go away come back.... *maybe* next year but I still might be sick of you then. :) We are on snow day #8. I'm finished with Mother Nature, she's on my list! :)
    Thanks for the conference packet idea! We are headed into conferences next week and I'm thinking we may have to use this guy!

  2. Alyce! I am so glad that you linked up! Thank you. I love the pictures of your back yard. The snow looks so peaceful. As sick as I am of the snow, there is still something magical every time it comes down.

  3. My kids have been out 7 days, some were for frigid temps. Our admin has decided that the teachers should come to work on frigid days, because they haven't figured out how we are going to make up all the days. It work good, I got a chance to get my RSA folders finished. we are having conferences this week too. I'll have to check out the packet for next time. It sounds like a great idea!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. I was starting to despair that we wouldn't get any snow days this year, so personally, the two days this week were better than a $20 bill!
    Thanks for the conference packet idea - we have a couple more weeks before ours come.
    Stay warm with these frigid temps!

  5. That's such a great idea to ask ahead of time what parents would like to discuss! I hate being blindsided with topics!


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