Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five for Friday (February 15, 2014)

What a week! I think I could say that every week. But seriously.

Late nights at school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and an early day on Friday makes for a tired teacher. 

How about a little taste of my week in pictures and in words.

My student teacher is learning so much. This week has been amazing. She finished her third week of seven and I am really excited to be mentoring her. 

We got a fresh three inches of snow on Monday. It was COLD (but we had school), so we had a LOT of inside recess. Finally, at noon on Thursday we ventured out. Our kids do not (generally) come to school with snow boots, or snow pants, but since we have chore boots, they put those on to go out.

So many wet socks and pants, but worth it.

We walked through our "backyard"--the mini field behind the barn--in the fresh snow that only a few animals had put tracks in. We (the kids, not me) made snow angels. We LOVED the fresh, yet crisp, air.

It was easy to teach antonyms this week. My kids knew about opposites, so all I had to do was teach the vocabulary word "antonym" and we were good to go.

We wrote about it in our vocabulary journals.

And they had so many great ideas that we created a chart to display their ideas.

My good friend, Julie, sent me a package. The directions were to open on Valentine's Day. I needed to get to school early on Friday, so I opened it after school.

My son watched me open the box. His comment was, "Looks like Christmas came early for you, mom." Yes, it did!!!

I have an idea. I think I will choose a friend or two and send out a box, just because it feels so good to do it. 

My family drove 40 minutes north last night for dinner. I had a great steak sandwich and fries. After we got home I splurged and bought a movie on Amazon Prime. It is a movie for the boys (and maybe a little bit me).

As ever, thanks to Kacey @ Doodle Bugs Teaching for this fun, weekly linky party. If you have time, reading the other linked posts are a good way to spend a Saturday. I have 80 posts to catch up on, and the linky. I will be very busy reading while I am watching the Olympics today. Happy weekend folks!

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  1. Looks like you had a long but good week! I love the idea of getting and sending mail. Maybe I'll do the same thing this week and send a little pick me up to a few teaching friends that I'm missing! :) Happy Saturday!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  2. What a fun Valentine surprise! It is nice to get packages in the mail - what a great way to remember your friends!

  3. That snow is so pretty! We don't really get snow here in South Georgia...we get "ice" days and are up to 4 now so far. Love the antonym chart...great idea and will be using that when I teach antonyms coming up next month. That box from your friend looks AWESOME and was SO SUPER SWEET! I think you may have something there. A surprise box to a friend would be a great way to spread some love and happiness. You never know when something like that could be just what they need!!! Thanks for sharing. Your newest follower....
    Monahan Monkey Madness

  4. I love the snow angels-my kiddos are always begging for real snow. Your student teacher is lucky to have you as a mentor! :)


  5. My kids loved playing in the snow - and getting wet. What a bunch of little dorks!
    Like the a to my chart - what a good idea - I'm trying to do more charts like that!

  6. I want to gather stuff for spontaneous gifting! Great idea.
    First in Maine

  7. Thor :) :) Have you seen the Avengers?! I loooooove that movie, haha. Thanks for sharing some pictures from your week! I love the picture of your student teacher. That was me, not too long ago, and it is such a blessing to have a wonderful Mentor Teacher! Thank you for what you are doing to shape the next generation of teachers!! P.S. I love using sticky notes when teaching, too!

    I hope you have a blessed week :)
    Little Miss Primary


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