Monday, April 14, 2014

Field Trip Day

What is the best way to start a fresh/new week of school?

Greet the kids, keep coats on (it snowed last night) and board a bus. Travel 2 miles to a farm and spend 1.5 hours in the great outdoors.

It was fantastic, really.

First stop--silage.

Next stop--the tractor takes the silage to the cows and it is delivered to the bunk.

Beautiful cows.

Learning from Mr. Williams.

The babies. Didn't get a close look, though.

Mr. Williams' brand. Look at the brown cow's right hip, you can see part of the brand.

Inside the shop.

Remember, it snowed last night? Well, it was cold and super windy. I will leave you with a selfie.

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  1. That looks like a great field trip. Kids love farms and animals! So glad they haven't cut your field trips!

  2. Wow!! Your kids get such great experiences. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Very cool photos! When school goes back, I would love to show my year 0-2 class this. We are a rural school in New Zealand, and all our students live on farms. They would love to write about these pictures from farms on the other side of the world- I'm sure they'd be very surprised to see people farming in the snow!
    Room 8, Auroa School
    South Taranaki
    New Zealand


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