Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday (April 3, 2014)

Welcome to the weekend my friends!

As every week--there is so much I could share! But let's talk about five things from today.

Thanks to Kacey @ Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this fund party. Here are my five...


Last night I was pondering my class (while I was freezing at a track meet) and their TERRIBLE handwriting.

My first idea was sit them down with a sheet of paper and have them copy "The lazy, brown fox leapt swiftly over a log" or some such sentence. Boring and not at all relevant to our lives. Next...

Second idea: write letters to our pen pals in Ohio and require my worst writing offenders to sit at my table. Brilliant. They beg to write with pens, so this time I let them. I ended up making twice the copies of paper, because they messed up, couldn't erase, and I expected better. So they rewrote.

I am so pleased with the results and am excited to plop that big envelope in the mail tomorrow.


We spent the week learning and practicing making connections to our reading, so that we understand the text better. We used Meerkat the Connector from The Critter Cafe, and boy did we have fun. We read a lot of books and used this strategy (and Quincy the Questioner from last week) and wow, I'm impressed! Can't wait to do another critter next week. 


This just melts my heart. These two love to spend their recess with Eyore. And Eyore loves it too.


This young lady asked for math to do. I said, "Figure out if these equations are true or false, and create a chart to show me." She was so excited to do this and did a fantastic job.


We started working on our class project that will be auctioned off at the PTO carnival later this month. A wonderful PTO mom (whose son was in my class last year) came to our class this afternoon and led them in creating these. They could do anything they wanted, as long as it had a heart on it. She will staple them together, apply a sealant, and then it will be ready.

Well, time to link up and get back to movie night. Jurassic Park with my family.

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  1. Cool idea on the math - I'll have to try that with my early finishers.
    Are the little squares tiles or pieces of paper? What a fun idea to auction them off.
    Enjoy a hopefully beautiful weekend!!

  2. I love that math idea. I need to make a list of great open ended ways for kids to practice math. Thanks for this one!

    First in Maine


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