Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday (4-11-14)

Sitting here on a Friday night. Thinking about the great activities of the week.

Being a parent is a reflective job.

Being a teacher is a reflective job.

Being a person is a reflective job.

Let's reflect!

1. I have two wonderful sons. My older son is deep into middle school fun. This week his Scholar's Bowl team took first place in the league meet. Our family went to support him. To learn what happens in this type of activity. And to see if we knew any of the answers. Our selfie with congratulatory smiles:

And his second track meet of this season. He recorded personal bests in the 3200 meter run (blue ribbon) and in the high jump (white ribbon). 

And now... On to the events of Friday evening...

2. The annual MCC Central States Relief Sale. Where we go eat a lot of food and the proceeds go to fund the good deeds of MCC. Dinner tonight was verenike and pluma moos.

3. Then, to see if a person can hold their food down--6 trips down the big slide. I'm told it's fun. Perhaps someday I will try it. For now my job is to get the picture.

4. More dessert. New Year's Cookies. We have eaten one each so far. Will there be any left by lunch tomorrow?

5. A picture that is very seldom taken. My husband and me.

I am linking this with Doodle Bugs Teaching, and will reflect some more on my wonderful life/family/friends/job/students... You get the picture. 

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  1. Congrats to your son! Very cute pic of you and your husband:)

  2. Great "snapshot" of your week!
    (Did anybody lose their dinner???)


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