Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blogging Challenge and July CURRENTLY

My new friend from Chicago is hosting a month-long challenge. Thankfully no crunches, push-ups, planks, or squats are involved. 

Michelle from 


is encouraging new bloggers (not me, but I love parties) to blog every day in July and link up with her. Today's topic is: what brings you to your new blog?

Ok. Let's go back a couple of years. To April 8, 2012. That is when I started my blog. What brought me then?

I had been reading blogs for about a year or so. And they often had cool contests/giveaways. But I couldn't do anything with it, because I didn't have a blog. That is what prompted me to start one. I wanted to enter a contest. :) The very first contest I entered, I won. Yep, talk about excited!! Here is me telling the story about my Teacher Tipster morning routine DVD.

As I go back and read the early blog posts, I see growth (thank goodness), the change in voice (mine) and that I have a better understanding of what I want to write.

Now I write to share about my day, thoughts and feelings. So that I don't feel alone in this job of teaching first graders. To be a part of a large group that really "gets" it--what it means to be a teacher these days. 

I cannot believe how many friends I have made through blogging. Some nearby (2-3 hours), and others across the USA and in Australia. We share our hearts in our blogs and in our comments on the blogs. We correspond through email, we help each other, we encourage each other. We are friends. 

The contests and ideas brought me then, and the friendships have kept me here now.


AND, since it is the first of the month--it is CURRENTLY time with Farley.

I will start with my currently and give explanations.

Listening: a guilty pleasure of summer of mine is to watch/listen to the Today show. I've been watching it on and off since I was in middle school.

Loving: I had a FB party on Sunday with Corinna and it was fun. We learned about Jamberry wraps, and placed our orders. Now the hard part--waiting until they arrive!

Thinking: I have a full day of nothing planned. What will I do????

Wanting: my Amazon cart is full, but I haven't pushed the checkout button. I thought I would wait until after payday, but it has come and gone, and still no extra money. The picture books are for my first week of school when Mrs. Jones and I are Cooking Up a Great Year Together.

So, I need a bigger budget, or a summer job...

Needing: I have big ideas of being the cool teacher that plays the guitar while the children around her sing, and we all have stars in our eyes, and the principal walks by and marvels at the wonderful singing. But this will only happen if I get my pick out and practice...

4th plans: my family will be having a gathering. But that is 800 miles away, so I won't be attending. Next option--lazy river. Hope the weather holds.

That's it folks. Since I have lots of blogs to read and leave comments on, I'd better get going. If you want to read more from Big Time Literacy or Oh Boy Fourth Grade head on over. If you do, the nice people would love to hear from you.
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  1. I have to say I love your blog post. I love the world that blogging opens up. It connects teachers in a way I was never really able to do before! It pushes me to a better teacher. I will have to check out Michelle's Link Up!

  2. I hear you on a bigger budget for books! I'm also feeling the same summer-style-motivation that you are. I have a whole day (minus the time for a trip to the dentist) and nothing to do... but how likely am I to get anything done?! Good luck to you and your day!

  3. Hi Alyce! So glad you're coming along on the challenge adventure! And, it was a sign that you won your first contest on your new blog! So cool!
    Looking forward to reading your blog this month!

  4. Oh I'm convinced I'm Amazon's favorite customer! :) They always get me when they say a book I want is like super on sale-I have to go ahead and get it. I feel the same way about blogging-I can see my voice change and even that I share more personal things now that I feel like I really know the other bloggers who read it. I think every teacher could benefit from blogging! Great post!

    Not Just Child's Play

  5. I love your big dreams of being the guitar-playing teacher. My Kindergarten teacher did that and I remember it being so fun. You have inspired me to write my own Currently. I always forget about doing it. I think my last one was last year in July :)


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