Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday (Halloween, 2014)

Party Day Tired has hit me hard.

Halloween 2014 recap. 

1. All school parade down the four blocks to say "hi" to the community and fill our bags with candy. No pictures, cuz I was parading (and freezing) and couldn't take my hands out of my pockets.

2. Runway in the class where we got to show off our costumes while I provided the best color commentary ever. No pictures, again, I was commentating.

But the cool thing was that a handful of parents were able to be there and cheer and have fun with us.

(The runway idea came from Sprinkle Teaching Magic and it was a HIT.)

3. Party time. For the first time ever I planned a party. Yep, with four activities. Thank you pinterest and blog buddies!!

The activites were: Bingo using candy corn; Pumpkin ChuckingHandprint spiders--we made brown recluse, because I did not have black paint; and a writing activity. 

It was so much fun! Parents ran every activity and I got to see everyone having fun! Win-win.

4. After the party we ate. It was a mini-feast with crackers, cheese, and fruit.

Another idea I read about--after the eating, ask parents to clean up while I take the kids for a recess. Brilliant!

5. And now--catching up on Marvel's Agents of Shield with my boys and eating homemade pizza. No pictures, I'm too lazy to get one...

Happy weekend friends! If you need more Halloweeny/harvest/fall recaps, then head to Doodle Bugs Teaching and read all night long.

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  1. Cute post, Alyce! Looks like the students had a blast. You certainly had many win-win situations, especially getting parent helpers to clean up the party! It was freezing by me for Halloween, too. Upper 70s on Monday and by Friday it was snowing and 37 degrees... Oh, Chicago. ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals


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