Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm On Fire!

That is what I told my family as we were getting home from church today. I'm On FIRE!

I could not concentrate at church, because my mind was spinning. Last night I couldn't sleep, because my head was concocting plans.


Thank you Ron Clark and your book The End of Molasses Classes!!!

My husband says that we are not moving to Atlanta, Georgia. So my dream of teaching at RCA is not gonna happen (and I'm pretty sure that I am not distinguished enough to be hired by Mr. Clark).

But that won't stop me from beginning my transformation into an RCA worthy teacher, So I come to my teacher-blogger-friends and ask a simple question...

How do you respond to parents who ask you "How can I help my child at home with reading/math/writing/behaviors?"

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a list of amazing suggestions to offer? A list of tried and true ideas on the tip of my tongue? 

You are such an amazing group of teachers, and if you are willing to share your tip/suggestion/idea, I would be so grateful!!!

I am giddy in anticipation. The fire is growing. Watch out...

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  1. Can you blow a little my way? Mine seems to have burned out. :/

  2. I saw this great video for K-2 parents to help their kids with reading....could def be part of a collection of "how-to's" for parents:
    Let me know what you think!
    Also: I just got my other blog a make-over! Will you follow me? :-)
    Good, Good Life


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