Saturday, September 26, 2015

Telepathy is Real (in my opinion)

The "First Grade Brain" is still going strong. 

The distance between us is about 20 miles, but the telepathy just amazes me! We think alike and can still finish each other's thoughts.

Mrs. Jones (my soul mate teacher bestie) called last night to tell me about her awesome day, which included apple and crop learning and making applesauce with the kids in her classroom. Super fun, super cool, and super educational.

Low and behold... My class made applesauce yesterday! And we NEVER even talked about it together.

Not all that other stuff happened in my room, but I'm on my way to check out her ideas and incorporate some of them next week, along with an apple poem, and a trip to the apple orchard. 

Well, the trip to the orchard is a stretch, but maybe I can wave my magic wand and make that happen...

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  1. Made me laugh! :)
    Love seeing your alternative seating in your pictures.

  2. Great minds...! :) The kiddos look like they are having a blast!

    Not Just Child's Play


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