Monday, September 28, 2015

News From the Farm

Just another Monday...

Meet our newest first grader. She's a little young (3 weeks) and pretty hefty (90 pounds), but our principal made an exception and is letting her stay. :)

She doesn't have a name yet, but my class has brainstormed a few, narrowed it down and tomorrow will be the final vote. It will be decided between both first grade classes.

I feel kind of in charge. But thankfully, another teacher knows more and is a consultant on the case. And the other first grade teacher jumped right in and gave the first bottle. And I think she could easily be in charge, but I guess we will co-lead this project.

It was amusing today as we needed to decide the feeding schedule for the rest of the week and had a stalemate. We Rock, Paper, Scissored to determine the morning feeder. We went three rounds and every time chose the same. It was awesome--we are starting to think alike. And the students enjoyed seeing us do it. 

In other news... Our class has the saying of the year... Do. Not. Panic.

It comes from Roxie. The book about her and some hooligans is so enchanting. Seriously, go check it out and read it. It could make you laugh. (Find it on Amazon or at your favorite bookstore.) So, anyway, we say it a lot. 

During math. Do. Not. Panic. In preparation for lock down drills. Do. Not. Panic. When Mrs. Bartel is having a freak-out moment. Do. Not. Panic. And apparently, they (at least one) say it at home. I love it!!! I think that book may become a beginning of the year read aloud for every year in the future. Just so we can have that saying.

Do. Not. Panic.

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  1. Everything about this post is awesome!!! I feel like our kids need to FaceTime. Mine can see your farm animals and yours can see our city playground!! So cool!


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