Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Letters

Ever think about how our lives shift and change and the things that are important shift and change also?

This morning I have done some of that thinking. I'll reflect a bit on it in some letters.

Dear Local Teacher Tribe,
Thanks for being a group of like-minded adults that can share, cry, pray, and be present for each other. The time we spend together is like a balm on my soul. My soul gets scratched and bruised and you understand. Having a group of people to validate my experience and confirm that it is normal is a big deal. I used to teach in my room and not know what is going on. Now, I have others to talk to, be inspired by, and care for. Teaching is a great profession, but finding a tribe has made a difference in my level of satisfaction of my profession. Take care and see you soon.

Dear Sister,
You make me smile. So glad we have phones and can talk and talk and talk. Hope you have a great week.
Your sister

Dear Autumn,
Thanks for coming back. I've missed you. The air feels wonderful and the sunshine is just perfect. Please stick around for a long time.

Dear Royals,
Please win today.
A Fan

Dear Michelle,
I hope you have a wonderful week. Wouldn't it be great if the Cubs and the Royals end up in the World Series? What a great series that would be.

Time to link up with Big Time Literacy and then enjoy a soccer game and a baseball game.

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  1. Aw. I love your letters! And I had the same thought for our friend Michelle. I watched the end of the Cubs game yesterday and thought of her!


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