Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Break Begins

Today and tomorrow I am on Fall Break. No schedules, no lesson plans. Just me and my quiet house.

That means that yesterday was a Halloween party in our first grade classroom. Sugar, costumes, a parade, and fun.

A very capable mom (who is a teacher, and a great one) ran the party. All I did was sit and marvel.

Why was I marveling?

Because they were quiet, engaged, and followed Every. Single. Direction that she gave. For 45 minutes she had their attention and admiration. It was like I wasn't even in the room.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not jealous. Seriously.

But this is what I was thinking. (I know, because I quickly jotted it down yesterday and shoved it into my pocket.)

"Do they always sit this quietly? If yes-that's awesome and I need to be ok with some noise when I teach, because it really isn't interfering with the instruction. There is so much engagement. I should video."

The video part--I should video ME teaching, so I can see what the kids are doing that I can't see while I am trying to wrangle some information into 23 wondering/wandering little minds.

I'm getting an idea... Maybe I can write ANOTHER Donor's Choose grant for a GoPro video camera. I have a feeling that watching me would be difficult and great. Both at the same time.

But first, rest, watch bad (and good) tv, drink chai tea, shop with my sister-in-law, and watch my son run at the State Cross Country meet. It's going to be a great 3 more days!

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  1. First, enjoy your break! Second, for me personally, I have a hard time seeing their well behaved little selfs -- so yay that you got a chance to sit on the other side of the desk, so to speak. And third, I've taped myself. Part of it was -- good job there. And part of it was -- oh my. Catch up on netflix! Sara

  2. Happy fall break! hope you enjoy every moment! And a go pro would be awesome!


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