Friday, October 2, 2015

Think, Speak, Celebrate

I think a lot.

Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I should think a little bit more.

Today I was wondering if I became a teacher so I could talk all the time. Because I really talk too much.

Next week my goal is to talk LESS and let the first graders talk more. It's a great goal. Sometimes I talk to fill the space so that the kids can't talk. Yikes, totally need to find a better way.

As I visited with a wise teacher before school today, she reminded me that every improvement (more words read, more time on task, etc) should be celebrated. So this is what I celebrate tonight...

Some tough to love kids and I have started to play at recess. Like tag and hide and seek and laughing and hugging. It started as just a little thing between me and one student. Now it has spread to more.

Most days I feel like Maria von Trapp, skipping around, leading the children, about to burst into song. Other days I feel like the Pied Piper. The kids just follow. I have not asked them to follow, they just do. I feel kinda famous--they want to play with ME. And I am nothing special, just a teacher who wants to create relationships so that teaching is easier.

It may be that I love recess as much as the students do. I look forward to recess. Our game. The laughter. The time when my only agenda is to run and smile and create a space that is contagious.

Tonight I celebrate the kid in me that is connecting to the kid in my students.
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  1. I could just picture you with your Firsties at recess! I heard a Periscope this evening that targeted the word YET. I am going to make a little sign that all it will say is ...yet! I am going to discuss this word..."I can't add this Mrs. B....YET" "I can't skip Mrs. B....YET". Doesn't that sound great!
    xxoo B


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