Saturday, July 1, 2017

I'm Sorry

I said those words to my husband last night.

"I'm sorry for how I've behaved the past 7 weeks, and for how I most likely will act in the next 11 months."

Starting a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program sounded great. It still does. But it also is reminding me of how I am as a student.

It's a roller coaster event!

When things are going well, assignments are clicking along, everything makes sense, then the sun is shining. 

When I hit a technological snag, or have difficulty with an assignment, then the storm is fierce.

Perhaps I do not need to change this roller coaster, but let my family freely ride it with me (they kinda already are). 

My hope is that my sons can watch me struggle. Watch me win. Watch me question. Watch me celebrate. And in this roller coaster event, they can learn about the resilience we all have inside of us. The power and drive to tackle every challenge and figure out a way to the other side. 

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  1. Your last paragraph. So powerful. What an example for your family - what they are seeing as you embark on more coursework, and also the understanding of yourself to offer an apology for hectic times. This is family! :-)

  2. Wow!! What a powerful lesson for your boys. I hope that I can show my girls the same throughout their time with me. I look forward to supporting you through this journey, friend!

  3. When my daughter was in 7th grade, I decided to go back and get my teaching degree. Ah, the hair pulling at times -- but you are right, it was good for her to see that perseverance. So I say to you Alyce -- you go!


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