Thursday, July 5, 2018


Dedication to a cause.

Dr. Becky Bailey says that when we say our commitments out loud to someone we are more likely to follow through. And since I have finished rereading and note-taking Creating the School Family, it is time for me to make some commitments for the coming school year.

**Create a friends and family book (or board)

**Take photos of all the grown ups that work with the kindergarteners inside and outside of our classroom. These photos will be "working" photos--"time to go to music, see the picture of Mrs. Tucker, she will be your teacher." Or, "You are bleeding, this is Nurse Holly, go see her in her office."

**Visuals. Carry my good camera with me all the time at the beginning of the year to get photos of students in line in the hallway, or in the lunch room, and stage photo ops of using the restroom, getting a drink, and every other time/situation that is chaotic in our classroom or school. (Perhaps scour TpT for resources, or learn how to make them myself... Any takers to teach me how to do this?)

This resource from The Primary Party would be perfect! Visual Direction Cards

**Use images of what I WANT students to do

**Train my eyes to see a misbehavior as a call for help. Help by teaching skills. (Use self-talk to remind myself that when a student does not know the name of a letter, I do not get frustrated, I reteach and offer opportunities to practice. The same goes for social skills-teach and offer time to practice.)

**Refine my start of the day routine. Make sure that all four parts (unite, disengage stress, connect, and commit) are included each day. May even do this between subjects or after lunch/specials.

And a reminder from Dr. Becky Bailey:

Compassion seeks to uncover similarities, embraces differences, and is based on shared power.

I wish us all well: the teachers who are resting/reading/planning/collaborating; the families who are doing the best they can and want the best teachers for their kids; and anyone else who in some way supports the education of the adults of our future.

These clouds.
On my walk this afternoon I was struck by the beauty of these clouds. They were even better in real life.

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  1. Thank you for this post. What a nice reminder.

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