Tuesday, August 28, 2018

BTS 2018

School seems to be going well. 

--I'm ahead in planning.
--We seem to be settling into a good routine.
--No tears (yet).

And over the weekend I asked my husband if I am doing it (school) wrong. I mean... I'm not exhausted in the evening and I'm leaving school at a decent time.

Reminds me of something I wrote 2 years ago. Am I Doing It Wrong? 

Perhaps I am finding the sweet spot of experience, confidence and curiosity. This sweet spot allows me space to try new things.

Today we tried something new. It was day 7 of kindergarten. And we painted with watercolors.

When I told the class what we were doing, another grownup in the room looked at me with wide eyes and pointed to the white pants she was wearing.

"It'll be ok, I have a great plan!"

Our wonderful art teacher taught me last year to use paints in order from light to dark. The only problem is, I cannot for the life of me remember that order (or figure it out for myself!!). Thankfully she is kind and will always help me with the order, because she likes that we are reinforcing what she teaches.

It was completely directed by me (as far as what color to use and how to use it--how to get a puddle of water, how to brush back and forth, not crush the bristles). But the results were amazing!!!

I, of course, was modeling, and when my fish was done, I commented (several times), "This is so much fun! Let's do this again!" The other grownups laughed at me, or maybe they were smiling about the joy that was bursting out of me.

The project is now hanging proudly in the hallway. Stop by to see the fantastically painted fish sometime, I'd love to show you!

If you can't make it... here is mine.

(And if you want to use watercolors, or any painting, and want to paint from light to dark, remember, do not go back! and use this order...

(My scribbled note of the order, just moments before the great painting began.)
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