Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sounds of Music

My most prominent memory from childhood is watching The Sound of Music with my mom and sister.

Back in the day before DVR, and VCR we had to watch it on the day it aired, during that time, and have bathroom breaks during the commercials. Very rough.

I could (and still can) quote most characters, sing the songs, and even dance the dances. Yes, I "know" the movie like the back of my hand.

Now I own it on a DVD and can watch it whenever I want (which isn't very often, sadly).

I was intrigued to learn of a Live presentation of The Sound of Music which aired last week. I started watching it, but the songs were wrong, the voices wrong, and I was having a difficult time accepting this new version.

Because of my acceptance issue, along with supper, homework and bed, I DVRed it.

Last night I watched it. And what do you know--I LIKED it.

Somehow I opened my heart to this new thing and really enjoyed it.

So, my life was filled with a new kind of music.

Imagine my surprise today... Inside recess, again. I was minding my own business while the children ran amuck in the room (not really, they were playing checkers and connect four). When what to my discerning ears did I hear?

A sweet little voice singing loud and clear. "When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most any thing!"

She sang over and over. Which gave me time to snap a photo.

They were creating illustrations for a story written earlier in the day, and she was singing and I was loving it.

These are a few of my favorite things.

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  1. I tape it, too - and haven't watched it yet. (Don't tell me how it ends, lol)


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