Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Good things happened yesterday. 

1. It started early.

This was the time I was driving my 8th grader to school for basketball practice. I'm glad he is committed to his team, but that was EARLY.

2. Candy Cane Nouns

I love this pack from Teacher to the Core. We reviewed nouns and decked our walls with some Christmas color.

3. Snowman

I got a present from a student earlier in the week. Her mom made a snowman from a fence piece. My school buddies are jealous. Let them be jealous, I am keeping all my kids and their parents.

4. My Closet

I have been working on making my storage closets more organized and useful to me. This picture is one section. I put themed books together in magazine holders, added a name tag and then put them in order, August-May. 

I love my closet. It makes me so happy.

Often Mrs. Jones comes into my room and finds me in my closet. She laughs and shakes her head.

Yesterday after school she and I were wasting time (before our girls night out) and she asked, "What are you doing (in a text)?" I told her, "playing in my closet."

When she came to see me, she found me with two closets open instead of one.

I don't care. Some people can only wish to have awesome closets. I am living the dream.

5. Girls Night Out

Nine of us from school hung out last night. First at Carlos O'Kelly's. Yummy chips and salsa. Then we headed to "Paint the Towne." We did that once before. 

This painting was more difficult than last time. But we had a different teacher. 

She used words to tell us what to do. Then she told us again. And again. And showed us on her canvas. And repeated the directions.

This was not bad or frustrating. It was sooooo good for me. I connected so much better with her.

Reminds me of when we sort kids for the next year. Thinking about which kids will fit with which teacher. 

I want last night's teacher for all my future painting projects.

Of course, the painting will head to school and be more than art. It will remind me of how I felt when the teacher worked with me where I was. Reassuring me that I could do it. Making space for questions, and practice. 

This post is linked with Kacey @ Doodle Bugs Teaching. And I am off to read what my friends are up to.

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  1. Wow I love your art work! As for the closet issue...I totally get it as I have a walk in closet in my classroom and I'm excited because over Christmas it's being refurbished. New shelves and a paint job...yay! Some people just don't understand. :-)
    Have a fun week.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. I am jealous of the snowman, too! What a creative and unique gift.

  3. As I was reading about your painting session, I was thinking to myself, this would be kind of like the doctor being a patient. I think it would be a good experience for us all. The snowman is so if I just had a piece of fence. Wow your son has early practice, my daughter had practice at 7:30, of course she is only in 5th grade. My closet is hard to organize, it is very deep, but not very wide so you practically have to empty it to get to the things at the back.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Ack! That IS too early to be heading out the door! Like your candy canes - I'll have to check that out. And your closet - I was working on mine a bit before the hub bub's surgery. I need to get back at it. Yours looks great. And like you can actually find things in it! Sara

  5. I love closets and organizational stuff, so I'd get right in that closet with you! As for your painting, wow! I love what you said about remembering how that teacher is with you. I am signed up for a writing class next semester so that I can feel that same way. I wish we had one of those painting places where I live!


  6. UGH, I just wrote a long comment and it got deleted somehow! I love your closet. I need to make time to do that with my shelves.

    I love your take away from the art project. It's so important to feel how your students feel about their learning and how they learn. I am taking a writing course next semester for that same reason!



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