Thursday, December 12, 2013



Life is amazing. First graders are amazing. Friends are amazing.

Thanks Emily (from Curious Firsties) for giving me weekly reminders to focus on the good, the wonderful, the amazing, the moments that WOW me.

1. As the semester winds down, I gear up the assessing. I never feel like I teach "enough" to really get these first graders reading. But I have been surprised this week with the official growth since October. Go us!!

2. I have gotten some incredible comments from people that I trust. It made all the difference this week. They have confidence in me, and shared it with me until I felt it myself again.

3. Today my friend stopped by school. To deliver a yummy chai tea. We used to talk all.the.time. But now we both are in the public workforce and hardly talk. She helps me breath. I love her.

Did you have a WOW? I would love to hear about it...
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  1. I love all three of these :) They just made me smile. There are many friends I miss and I am glad you got to see one. And assessments....'tis the season! I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Thanks so much for making me smile and linking up :)

  2. It's so nice to get encouragement from others. sometimes after reading some of the great things teachers are doing, I really start to doubt my effectiveness as a teacher, so it's nice to be built up by someone you trust. It's even better to see improvement from your students! Glad you have had a great week!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. Oh Alyce, those positive comments just make our day don't they?
    My testing left me a little bewildered. One student I thought would really show growth - didn't. Another surprised me by how much she did grow. Who are these little people? Lol


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