Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently, It's March!

I love changing the calendar to the next month. So much hope. Endless possibilities. A fresh start. 

And in the blog world, a time to think about me, about what I'm thinking and doing Currently. 

It's Saturday morning and I have the tv all to myself. Hello Pioneer Woman. How will you inspire me today?

My student teacher did a fab job this past week. She taught everything, I hung out in the hallway/computer lab and began some planning for next week and beyond. It was lovely.

Some kids learn to read in spite of me. Some kids need me to show them how to read. I think about this all the time. Some kids need time. Some kids need intervention. How do I know which to give each kid? This is what I think about in the morning, in the afternoon, and as I'm falling asleep. 

Inner peace. I think I'm doing ok. I hope I'm doing better than that. I'm always second guessing myself. Having a teaching job is more than teaching. I wish I could find some peace and at the same time not give up.

BFF time grounds me. Especially in times of stress. I hope we can get together for a cup of Chai Tea soon.

Know what my question is? Give a guess...

Now I'm off link up with Farley, and leave some comments on my friend's currently posts. I will also be watching the weather--in like a lion? We might be in for it.

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  1. Wow, how cool is your Ag/Tech school? That's fantastic. I also love "P-Dub" but failed miserably when I tried to make her famous cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. I am a wanna-be cook, I think!

    My guess for your last one is "Things on your kitchen table"?

    Happy March to you!
    Play to Learn Preschool

  2. I think about the same things-especially when you have some that aren't quite catching up when they should. Am I doing everything I can? I hope so! :) Chai tea with a good friend does sound simply heavenly! :)


  3. I have a student teacher right now too and it's wonderful! I am always thinking about teaching my kiddos to read too. I'm so glad many of them do in spite of me! My question for your items is "What are some things you need to start a project"?


  4. I love the Pioneer Woman! She is a fabulous cook and has some awesome recipes! BFF time is beyond important! I think your question is..."What did I purchase at the store last time I went?"
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Such a sweet blog post and blog! Your thoughts on inner peace are very relatable. Teaching pulls us in all directions and at the end of the day there are questions: Did I really make a difference? Is this job the right fit? Could I be doing more? The introvert in me is exhausted. Being ON all the time is intense. Having that best friend to lean on is key.

    P.S. I love your blog post header! I am such a sucker for farm animals and dream of having my own someday. I also own every Pioneer Woman cookbook. Love her.

  6. It's such an inner struggle to be a teacher. Sometimes you have to decide that you can only do the best you can with the time and materials you are given. We get into this mindset where we think we have to give every ounce of energy, every minute of time to our jobs. But it just drains us and ends up burning us out which doesn't help anyone! I hope you get to sneak away for that girl time!!

    I think your question is things I love to collect!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?
    A Bird in Hand Designs

  7. Is it a shopping list? For fun things you need? Or a craft project?
    And I question a lot. I think it goes with the territory.


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