Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday

The question of the evening... How to keep this party fresh, exciting, interesting?

Here's my idea for today. I'm posting five photos from our recess that happened after lunch. 


It was discovered earlier this week that a mother rabbit had hidden some kittens (the name for baby rabbits) in Freckle's hay trough. I haven't seen them yet, but these kids are hoping for a glimpse.


A pickup game of football. I think the Broncos are playing the Chiefs today.


Tom Sawyer was at it again. Today the chore was scoop poop in the calf and donkey pens. There was a line waiting to scoop because we didn't have enough rakes. Maybe we should buy more? Can you believe it--the kids were sad when it was time to go in. Because they loved scooping poop so much!!


Normal playground equipment.


A circle of storytelling. See the smiles? What fun. 

And an extra picture because it is just so wonderful.

Mrs. Roux is great with kids and animals.

Everyday she challenges us to let the children do all the things/jobs with "our farm."

There you have it. Just another 15 minute recess in all it's splendor.

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