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Five for Friday March 7, 2013

I didn't have the strength to post last night. It was a long 4-day week. An inclement weather day on Monday (our Dr. Seuss celebration day) made for rearranging schedules all week long.

So many more awesome learnings, activities, lessons and conversations happened, but you will have to take my word for it.

1. We rescheduled our Dr. Seuss/pj day for Tuesday. But with the specials schedule I just didn't have time to do it all. We did some on Tuesday and some on Friday. Wearing pjs both days. I loved saying--"Find a book, find a spot, and read." They loved it too.

2. Our Cloverbuds group (that is the K/1 version of 4-H) met Thursday morning. Mrs. Jones cooked with the kids (black bean and corn salsa--YUMMY), Mrs. Paronto did a physical activity, Mrs. Roux taught the pig curriculum, and I led an art activity. Coming up in April our county will have a smallish home and garden show. Our school has a booth. We sell plants, granola, and this year an art project.

The kid used sharpies to decorate a tile. They were so creative!

3. That same afternoon, we just wanted to have fun. But we were hungry. Lucky for me, I had a popcorn popper donated several years ago, and some popcorn in the cupboard. Oh, they loved watching it pop, and then eating it. I made 4 poppers full of popcorn.

One friend wondered -- how this could work without a bag? We are still wondering about that, maybe a research project is in her future. While we ate, we watched a video about how popcorn is planted, harvested, dried, shelled and cooked. It was very cool.

This was my snack when they went to their special classes that afternoon.

4. We are studying about potatoes this week and next (mixed in with many other themes--can you say, "Choose ONE?") Next week we will plant sprouting potatoes in a clear cup so we can see the roots grow. On Thursday, the kids planned how they would decorate a "potato head" and on Friday, they did it. We had an Elvis, ninja, karate pro, and many other dudes and dudettes. I got a picture of every single potato with it's creator to go in a book they are making.

5. Miss Janzen, my student teacher, arranged for a special guest on Friday. Since she has been teaching about synonyms, she had a local author/illustrator come to our class. He read his book, showed his art tools, and talked about how he used synonyms in his book. It was really neat and the kids LOVED this time.

That's my week in a nutshell. How was yours?

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  1. Those tiles came out really pretty! I may have to do something like that with my art club-would never have thought to use Sharpies! I bet meeting a real-life author was very exciting for them! Sounds like you guys had a very productive week!


  2. I want to know more about your local author/illustrator (for future reference of course!). Sounds like a great week! I love reading days. And I love how a scoop full of popcorn makes it so much more fun. I gave pause for a minute and thought about telling you about the evils of Diet Rite, but I decided to wait on that one. Have a wonderful weekend!


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