Monday, May 25, 2015

Ahhh, Summer


This is not has rained a lot; it is cool; and the sun has stayed hidden.

But, I'm trying to make the best of it. 
**I watched four movies (in my basement, under my comfy blanket).
**I've read numerous blog posts and taken copious notes.
**I made a wishlist for next year.
**I read (which means: skim until the part I really want to know about, read it, then skim to the end of the book) Making the Most of Small Groups by Debbie Diller.
**I created my June DIY list (and it is TOTALLY school related).
**And I have bothered my TPSM (teaching partner soul mate) via text way too often.

My favorite part of summer? Research and planning for next school year. I have time to look around. Adapt what I see to fit me, my school and my students. 

Luckily, Mrs. Jones (my TPSM) and I have weekly meetings set. To visit, to share, to enjoy being together. She will definitely have to endure listening to me tell her about my newest teaching discovery. And I will be thrilled to hear about hers.

Sometimes I think I should have a garden, plant some flowers outside, do yard work. But then I sit back down and get back to my favorite summer hobby--education.

What's your favorite part of summer?
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  1. I can't wait for summer to start for this very reason! Enjoy every moment of it! Awesome that yours has already started! :-)

  2. Lucky you to be done so early! But I'm not far behind you. . . my little job ends this Friday. The school district doesn't end until June 12th, so I'm feeling pretty cheeky that I am done before the others! I hope if you come my way again this summer that you'll contact me and we can meet at that delicious pretzel place that I love! Go go Jo Jo's!

  3. I know what you mean about the rain -- today's my first real day of vacation -- I went to school and cleaned up files on my computer. Your summer sounds great -- a chance to slowly think about what to do next year. Have fun! Sara

  4. Oh my!! We are so alike!! My summer list is filled with so much school and I am so excited about it. So much learning for me to do and so little time!


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