Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Last Day

So many thoughts and feelings accompany the end of a school year.

1. What a neat group of kids that I got to watch transform from kindergartners into almost second graders.

2. Did I teach enough curriculum?

3. Did I love them enough?

4. Will they be ok this summer?

But the end has come and I must put those thoughts away. I must now believe that I did all that I could with what I had and that it was enough.

What I will remember:

1. Hugs from a friend that gave them when I most needed them.

2. The spark of "ahah" when a friend  finally got how to read.

3. Sand pies, pizzas and cakes at recess. Made lovingly for me. I savored each one.

Memories of today...

That is enough. I am blessed. 
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  1. Ahhh sweet! I think it's good to 'frame' things in a good way, like you have here. I go until Thursday. I'm starting to be ready :)

  2. I love this!! You are so loved and those kids were so lucky. I hope I get to see you this summer!


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