Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cinnamon Rolls

Today was Teacher Heaven.

At least one version of it.

A couple of decades ago I started my teaching career. I was fortunate to have several, more experienced teachers mentor me.

Then I moved away. Raised a family. And started teaching again.

Now, with the help of Facebook, I have connected with one of my mentors.

Mrs. Becker. She is kind, compassionate, and has a heart for teaching. And I am so blessed to have been "talking" with her this year.

Today we were finally able to talk in real life. She met me at my school. And showed up with a pan of cinnamon rolls. See? Kind and thoughtful.

We talked, shared and encouraged each other. And she got to meet Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Jones got to meet Mrs. Becker. It was so wonderful.

Ron Clark says that teachers should visit each other when they are teaching--it is the BEST kind of PD. Just like our children, we need to see, do,observe, have time to process and ask questions.

I have found that I learn so much from casual conversations. Maybe even as much as the books that I read.

Hopefully we can meet at least one more time this summer. To share more ideas. Next time, I hope to go to her school (my very first school).

Happy summer Mrs. Becker, have fun planning, and talk to you soon!!

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  1. Wow!!!!! So special to have that time together!


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